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Small Business Investment Services

Retirement Plans & Cash Flow

Driven by Quantitative Market Data Analysis

What You do Best

When small business owners are asked what their top priority is, they will always answer: "my business." Time is incredibly precious for you, and although navigating markets is important to you—your business comes first. Small business owners are unique, and understanding your needs requires the full financial picture.

Your Employees

Employers are working with candidates and employees who are interested in the types of benefits a company provides. Pension plans and 401ks should be an easy box to check when working for an employer.

Retirement Plan Laws in California 

Did you know that California businesses will be required to offer their employees retirement plans? Any California employer with five or more employees is required to establish a company sponsored retirement plan or must provide their employees with the opportunity to participate in the CalSavers program starting July 1, 2019.

What We Can do for You

MCF Capital Management, LLC is dedicated to small business owners. Our firm not only works with the cash flow and retirement management needs of your business, but also the needs of your personal investments. 

Guided by our data driven approach to wealth management, we stand ready to help businesses manage their investment needs.

Here's what we can offer you and your business:

  • Free review of current pension or 401k plan. We are happy to review your plan and give feedback on what you’re doing right and where we can help you improve.
  • Personalized service for your employees. We take pride in offering you and your employees knowledge and assistance regarding financial matters.
  • Onsite Team Meetings. Our team will visit your business and engage with your employees to help expand their education and coach them on their financial goals.
  • Exclusive Web/Email Content. We offer insightful resources and newsletters covering markets, financial topics, culture and current affairs.

Our Firm

MCF Capital Management, LLC is an independent, family-run, financial advisory firm that manages investment portfolios for individuals and businesses through quantitative market data analysis. 

Driven to Perform.

MCF Capital Management, LLC