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Our Approach

Data Driven.

Our Approach

We are a data driven independent financial advisory firm. Our approach to investing is guided by quantitative market data analysis. We manage our clients’ wealth by studying long term economic cycles and analyzing historical returns and economic data for various asset classes. This allows for an unbiased establishment of an efficient and tailored risk/reward asset mix for your portfolio.


Quantitative market data analysis is a method of understanding the behavior of markets, economic sectors, or individual securities through the prism of mathematics, statistics, market research and assessment. Or simply put, the key to our investment strategy.

understanding you

By understanding your risk tolerance, goals, and objectives, we develop an appropriate asset mix for your portfolio. Once your asset mix is determined, we execute a data driven analysis to determine which economic sectors and individual securities to incorporate into your portfolio.

what we do best

Managing your portfolio is what we do best. Our team is consistently monitoring your investments based on analytical indicators that may signal adjustments to individual securities or economic sectors. For example, revenue growth in a sector or individual security could be a potential adjustment indicator. Our team is focused on being totally immersed in the dynamics of markets and utilizing the analytical tools to support our quantitative data driven approach in managing your portfolio.

our top priority

Transparency with our clients is our top priority. We review and report to our clients regularly on paper and in person. We review your portfolio with absolute and comparative measures of return within the context of relevant market indices, and more importantly, in terms of your objectives and personalized investment goals. In addition, our clients can monitor their accounts online through our broker-dealer's website. 

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