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Modern Markets Run on Data: Let's Drive!

Welcome to The Fragreport. Our blog serves as an insightful resource covering markets, financial topics, culture and current affairs.

How to Avoid and Correct Tax Issues Thumbnail

How to Avoid and Correct Tax Issues

Nobody likes unexpected tax bills or IRS penalties. So how can you minimize the possibility of errors on your return? And if an error does still slip through, what then? In both cases, it’s often a matter of paying close attention to documentation.

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Monthly Market Commentary: July 2019 Thumbnail

Monthly Market Commentary: July 2019

Dovish Fed Policy Supportive of Continued Economic Growth. The June Fed FOMC meeting signaled dovishness reinforcing investors’ expectations of a rate cut announcement at the next FOMC meeting: July 30-31. The yield curve has now inverted all the way from the short dated three-month T-Bills and is becoming a legitimate concern for markets. Economic activity has slowed, especially abroad, but domestic growth continues, and a Fed rate cut should maintain the economic expansion in our view.

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Understanding SIMPLE IRAs Thumbnail

Understanding SIMPLE IRAs

The SIMPLE IRA or the Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees is like a 401(k) plan but involves less administrative complexity and potentially lower maintenance fees. Despite this advantage, there are several restrictions and commitments that should be considered when looking into a SIMPLE IRA plan.

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